• Non-Profit Social Involvement:
    a Long-Range Partnership

In its role as a reliable partner, REWE Group commits its resources to areas where it does business and to the world's more destitute regions. In the process, the company works with strong partners who can deliver high-impact support as a result of their local experience. One major objective of REWE Group's involvement is to create long-term, reliable partnerships for all players. When possible, REWE Group integrates its customers and employees into its projects. This approach strengthens the sense of community and expands the projects' reach.

Involvement with Food Banks

For more than 18 years now, REWE Group, with its approximately 6,000 stores (REWE-, nahkauf- and PENNY), has been one of the major supporters of the more than 900 local Tafel food banks and their national association. In 2009, a close partnership between the Vienna Tafel food bank and comparable institutions of REWE International AG in Austria was set up. Each day, German stores donate food that can no longer be sold, but can be consumed without risk. In addition, an annual food-donation campaign is conducted during Sustainability Weeks. In 2014, for instance, REWE Markt GmbH organised a campaign under the motto of "Eine Tüte spenden. Viele Tische decken" (Donate One Bag. Fill Many Tables) for the fifth time. During this campaign, customers were urged to purchase bags of goods in REWE and nahkauf stores that would then be donated to Tafel food banks. During the campaign in 2014, a total of 318,119 Tafel bags worth 1,589,636 euros were donated. In 2013, more than 1,376,887 euros was donated under the motto of "Mithelfen. Mitspenden" (Pitch In and Help Out). In addition to the Tafel bags donated by REWE customers, REWE Markt GmbH provided products worth 200,000 euros, an amount that was added to the total donated, in each of the two years.

One traditional aspect of REWE Group's involvement with the Tafel food banks is its support of the annual federal food bank convention. REWE Group also works closely with the Tafel organisation in many other projects that extend beyond its daily food donations.

Support for more than 900
local food banks across Germany

Germany and Austria Round Up

Another long-term partnership exists with the non-profit initiative "Deutschland rundet auf" (Germany Rounds Up). Since 2012, customers of PENNY and toom Baumarkt DIY stores have been able to round up their purchase total at the cash register by a maximum of 10 cents. The complete amount of donated money is provided to social projects for children and adolescents in Germany. During the "Woche des Aufrundens" (Round-Up Week) held in June 2014, more than 40 VIPs worked the cash registers across Germany and supported the fund-raising drive.

In 2014, the "Deutschland rundet auf" (Germany Rounds Up) initiative received prominent support from Bernhard Hoecker and Ranga Yogeshwar (above)

In 2013, customers of REWE International AG in Austria began to provide fast, non-bureaucratic help to people in need under the motto of "Aufrunden, bitte" (Round Up, Please). All donations go directly to the Catholic charity Caritas, which passes on the funds to various Austrian projects depending on the REWE Group company involved. As a result of the tremendous success, the joint campaign with Caritas called "Aufrunder bewirken Wunder" (People Who Round Up Produce Miracles) entered its next phase: Since 2014, customers can automatically round up on a long-term basis with the customer cards of BILLA, MERKUR and BIPA.

Partnership with Lebenshilfe

Across Germany, toom Baumarkt DIY stores are establishing long-range partnerships with Lebenshilfe, an organisation that helps people with disabilities. This work includes joint projects conducted by toom employees and people with disabilities as well as trainee days for handicapped employees of Lebenshilfe workshops. In promoting these projects, toom Baumarkt DIY stores are encouraging dialogue and removing barriers. At the same time, the projects enable people with disabilities to play an even more active role in the daily work world. More than 20 toom Baumarkt DIY stores across Germany have already initiated a partnership with the facilities of Lebenshilfe. Under the motto of "Bunte Vielfalt" (Colourful Diversity), toom Baumarkt DIY stores invited their customers to an action week during the Sustainability Week held in autumn 2014. The objective was to raise customers' awareness about the issues of inclusion and cooperation with Lebenshilfe and to generate donations for the organisation through a customer-focused campaign.

The action week "Bunte Vielfalt" (Colourful Diversity) on the issue of inclusion at toom Baumarkt DIY stores