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REWE Group has a long tradition of assuming responsibility. It is a company that has deep cooperative roots. Children and adolescents are placed at the centre of its work for a sustainable future.

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Non-Profit Social Involvement:
a Long-Range Partnership

Children and Adolescents:
Education and Opportunity

Consumer education:
Creating awareness, awakening interest

"Room to Grow and Learn"

Objectives and Progress Close Objectives and Progress

Objective Measures 2013/2014 and Status

HF 1: Support of Non-Profit Organisations and Projects

Delivery and donation of food
  • Food donation from customer campaigns totalling about 3 million euros (REWE)
  • Daily delivery of food to more than 900 local Tafel food bank initiatives in Germany and Austria (REWE, PENNY, BILLA, MERKUR)
Execution of fund-raising drives and other support activities
  • Provision of more than 3.6 million school meals as part of the World Food Programme conducted in cooperation with Unilever (REWE, PENNY)
  • toom Baumarkt DIY stores set up a partnership with the organisation Lebenshilfe to support local workshops for people with disabilities

HF 2: Promotion of Healthy Diets and Exercise

Healthy diets for children
  • A total of 127,000 Power Tüten (Power Bags) and about 200 breakfast days were provided to schools located in socially disadvantaged areas by the Power Kiste (Power Box) (REWE Group)
  • A total of 335,693 school bags for the first day of school were distributed (REWE)
  • About 2,000 early-education workshops on healthy diets were financed and provided with fruit and vegetables (as of 31 December 2014: since the start, 5,400 early-education workshops with about 92,000 children) (REWE)
More exercise for children and adolescents
  • Sponsorship of the initiative "Klasse in Sport" (Great in Sport) (as of 31 December 2014: REWE Group is the patron for 46 schools)

HF 3: Promotion of the Education and Personal Growth of Children and Adolescents

School construction in developing countries
  • Construction and expansion of 12 schools for about 1,900 pupils in Kenya, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Peru and other countries (DER Touristik)
Holistic education in Europe
  • During "Lernen macht Schule" (Learning Is Catching On) in Vienna, 130 university students and about 200 children from socially disadvantaged population groups are learning with and from one another (REWE International AG)
  • Greenery has been added to the outside areas of about 90 kindergartens in Germany (toom Baumarkt DIY stores)
  • About 90 mobile gardens for primary schools in Germany were raffled and supported by the information material from the EU-supported dietary campaign "5 a Day" that was created with children in mind (toom Baumarkt DIY stores, 2013)
  • Joint renovation projects in more than 20 facilities for children and adolescents. Donation of more than 120 foosball tables to German homes for children and young people (toom Baumarkt DIY stores)

HF 4: Fight Against Child Prostitution and Violence Against Minors

Information campaigns in tourism
  • 15 training sessions on the "Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct" for travel destination agencies, travel managers and hotels were conducted (in such places as Madeira, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Greece (DER Touristik)
Help for affected children
  • 12 individual therapy slots for sexually abused, mistreated or neglected children were financed (DER Touristik)

HF 5: Consumer Education and Information

Information about sustainability trends
  • A total of 21 Sustainability Weeks were conducted by REWE Group's sales lines.