• Children and Adolescents:
    Education and Opportunity

REWE Group has dedicated itself to promoting the growth of children and adolescents. One aim of the company's efforts is to eliminate unequal opportunities. In this work, the company helps socially disadvantaged young people while they are attending school and taking steps to enter the work world. REWE Group also plays an active role in projects designed to inform children and adolescents at an early age about the need to get plenty of exercise and eat balanced meals.


In Germany, an individual's background is still a very powerful factor in determining his or her future. Young people who come from families that have little interest in education frequently lack orientation and a helping hand for a successful start in an occupation. This is exactly the point that the education initiative ROCK YOUR LIFE! and PENNY have been addressing together since 2014. As part of a two-year programme called "Zukunftskick" (Future Kick), young people receive individual mentoring from a college student, attend related seminars and receive comprehensive occupational orientation. In addition, they can gain some insights into potential retailing jobs in PENNY stores. The mentoring programme was officially launched at the beginning of 2015 with nearly 70 selected young people from nine cities in the German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg who applied for the assistance in 2014. The programme is scheduled to be expanded to other cities during 2015.

PENNY helps 70 young people to get their start in the work world

From the Power Bag to the Power Box

A balanced breakfast for children is essential for a healthful start to the day and concentrated learning. Nevertheless, many children do not eat such breakfasts. For this reason, REWE Group began in 2009 to provide pupils in selected schools with free, healthful snacks known as Power Tüten (Power Bags) that they can eat during recess. The project is carried out jointly with the German food bank Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. and industrial partners1. It is designed to provide needy children and adolescents in particular with a healthy snack for recess. The joint project was enhanced during the reporting period: Participating schools now receive "Power Kisten" (Power Boxes) with a rotating variety of food that can be prepared as a breakfast in the classroom. A nutritionist advises REWE Group about the foods that should be included in the boxes. The new project approach also promotes the independence of children by teaching them to prepare a meal from healthy foods by themselves. Ideally, this knowledge will then be shared with the pupil's family.

1 Chiquita, Danone, Ehrmann, Friesland Campina, Mondelez, Nestlé, Unilever, Zentis as well as the company's own production operations the bakery Glocken Bäckerei and the quality butcher Wilhelm Brandenburg

PENNY Austria is pursuing the same objectives with its school recess project. In 2013, the company began to support four schools in inner-city Vienna and provide small meals to them.

Power Kisten for a healthy start to the day

Learning Catches On

With "Lernen macht Schule" (Learning Catches On), REWE International AG helps children and adolescents who have limited educational opportunities. The initiative was created in 2010 in conjunction with the Catholic charity Caritas Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Following a multi-day course, students from the university serve as "learning buddies" who work with socially disadvantaged children and adolescents once a week throughout the school year. The buddies focus on providing both school and extracurricular support in the form of joint leisure time activities. In 2014, a "Lernen macht Schule" ambassador was appointed to meet with children and learning buddies on special occasions. The project is being constantly expanded to meet the great demand for it. In 2015, plans have been made for approximately 15 adolescents to attend the annual REWE Group personality seminar for trainees for the first time.

130 students from the Vienna University of Economics and Business are helping 200 socially disadvantaged children

Klasse in Sport

To grow healthfully, children need the right amount of exercise to go along with balanced diets. Understanding this connection, REWE Group supports an athletic association called "Klasse in Sport". The group promotes children's health and exercise at selected schools throughout the year, trains teachers at the schools and provides athletic material that can be used in courses. REWE Group began to support the initiative in 2008. In 2014, the company extended its alliance until 2017 and expanded the partnership to 46 schools with REWE Group name patronage. A total of 82 all-day and primary schools in Germany receive an extra hour of physical exercise each day.

"Klasse in Sport" provides an additional hour of physical exercise at 82 schools each day

Support for the association "5 am Tag"

Vitamins, minerals and secondary metabolites help to keep us healthy, fit and well. The association "5 am Tag", of which REWE Group is a charter member, works to raise people's consumption of fruit and vegetables to five portions a day. The association is supported by a network of more than 100 members from the areas of health, business and academia, including the German Nutrition Society and the German Cancer Society. To excite children about eating their fruits and vegetables, REWE stores hand out school bags to first-graders at the start of the school year. In addition to fruit and vegetables, the school bags contain information about healthy, balanced diets that has been written especially with children in mind.

In a joint campaign called "Kleine Gärtner" (Small Gardeners), "5 am Tag" and toom Baumarkt DIY stores work to help children to realise the importance of conscious, healthy diets. As part of the initiative "Pflanz‘ dir ein Schulbrot" (Plant Yourself a Sandwich for School), mobile fruit and vegetable garden beds were provided to a large number of primary schools, and children learned in a playful manner about healthy gardening.

Promoting conscious, healthful diets for children

Renovating Leisure Rooms

During Sustainability Weeks 2013, employees of toom Baumarkt DIY stores renovated more than 20 leisure rooms of various children's and young people's organisations across Germany.

During this remodelling work, the DIY store employees not only brought along the necessary materials, but also energetically turned the ideas of the children and teenagers into a reality with the help of these young people. The aim was to introduce them to the concept of do-it-yourself and to playfully provide them with practical tips and answers.

toom Baumarkt DIY stores also donated a brand-new foosball table bearing toom Baumarkt DIY store design to more than 20 renovated facilities. More than 100 other foosball tables were presented to Germany orphanages for children and young people.

toom Baumarkt DIY stores donated 120 foosball tables to organisations for children and adolescents

Early education workshops

In 2000, REWE Markt GmbH began to support ArbeitsKreisNeueMedien, or AKNM. The AKNM is an alliance of teachers, social workers, educators, media studies teachers and experts who are dedicated to helping children to use new media in a responsible manner. In interactive early education workshops, pre-school children learn about beneficial ways to use media as well as everything they need to know about fruit, vegetables, vitamins and fibre. REWE Markt GmbH is the exclusive partner of the AKNM for the topic of "healthy diets": It funds workshops and supplies conferences with fresh fruit and vegetables. In the reporting period, more than 2,150 workshops with 36,800 children were held with the help of REWE Markt GmbH. In total 5,400 Workshops were held so far.

During a total of 5,400 workshops, about 92,000 children have learned about ways to use media and healthy diets