About the Report

This fourth edition of REWE Group's Sustainability Report will appear only online. The report is titled "Wir sind mittendrin" (We are in the Middle of It). This title clearly demonstrates that REWE Group is a member of society as well as of the value chain. It also details the advances that have been made in the area of sustainability: It is in the process of getting "Out of the Niche" – the long-time motto of REWE Group – and finding a place in the "middle of society". REWE Group has done much to promote this process.

The design of the online Sustainability Report plays a role in this effort, too. The report is divided into two sections: a brief GRI report and a dynamically designed presentation of the focal points being addressed by REWE Group's activities and involvement. Added together, both sections produce an in-depth, comprehensive picture aimed at interested experts as well as stakeholders like consumers, employees, merchants, trade associations and non-governmental organisations. Through its use of responsive design, the report can also be read on mobile end devices.

The Report's Contents

The entire report follows the latest G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The GRI section systematically and completely applies the GRI requirements as part of a GRI index: By clicking a particular GRI indicator, the reader is taken to a report about an activity REWE Group has undertaken in this area. In a reflection of the company's commitment to sustainability, it also chose to comprehensively implement the GRI guidelines.

The dynamic section of the online report details the focal points of REWE Group's activities and involvement in its four sustainability pillars. One topic from each pillar is examined in-depth as part of a special feature story. The main purpose is to demonstrate how approaches and concepts are conveyed throughout the company and communicated to the public. The topics were selected with the help of recommendations and evaluations from stakeholders who were surveyed for the materiality analysis (see Materiality and Stakeholder Dialogue). The GRI's Materiality Index Service approved this approach. The GRI has approved the placement of the universal standard disclosures G4-17 to G4-27 both in the GRI index and in the report using a Materiality Disclosure Service.

Reporting Period and Restrictions

The contents of both sections of the report apply to financial years 2013 and 2014 (1 January 2013 through 31 December 2014). In the GRI section, we use key figures covering a period of three years whenever possible in order to illustrate trends. The report covers REWE Combine companies for Germany and Austria.

The sustainability work undertaken by independent retailers is addressed and presented only in individual cases due to the large number of activities and the entrepreneurial autonomy of the retailers. This approach has also been taken for locations outside Germany and Austria. Nonetheless, more than 50 per cent of REWE Group's employees have been covered.

In reporting the data, a clear declaration has been made in those places where detection limits deviate. For instance, the data for the pillars of Energy, Climate and the Environment occasionally include independent retailers and locations outside Germany.

Editorial Note

The editorial deadline for the report was 30 April 2015. Up to the point this deadline was reached, information was changed when necessary in order to update or improve it. In the interest of readability, the entire report speaks only of employees, customers, participants, etc. Naturally, female stakeholders of REWE Group are also included in these groups.

External Audit

To ensure quality and credibility, REWE Group engaged the PricewaterhouseCoopers auditing firm to conduct a limited assurance review of this report. The reviewed sections of the report are identified by this symbol . The assurance review summarises the content and guidelines of the review as well as recommendations to the Management Board (see Independent Assurance Report).