• Employee Growth:
    Developing Potential

Qualified, dedicated employees form the basis of business success. REWE Group strives to find the right applicants and successfully hire them. For this reason, it offers a wide range of opportunities to join the company. And once a person has become a part of REWE Group, he or she will be individually supported and receive systematic professional development opportunities.

A Wide Range of Entry-Level Opportunities

REWE Group offers trainee opportunities that extend from retailing, wholesale and international trade to food production, IT and logistics. And, not least, REWE Group also offers exciting training programmes in the multifaceted world of travel and tourism. In addition to traditional trainee occupations, REWE Group gives people an opportunity to take part in a college-level programme that combines theory and practice. It conducts this programme in conjunction with such institutions of higher education as the European University of Applied Sciences, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, the University of Applied Sciences for Business and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The courses of study focus in particular on the areas of trade and tourism management as well as business information technology. One entry-level opportunity for college graduates is provided by the subject-matter-specific trainee programme.

6,055 trainees in 2014

Opportunities for Low-Skilled Young People

In 2013, REWE and PENNY began to help low-skilled young people get their start in the work world by serving as a partner of the JOBLINGE initiative in several regions. The programme is aimed at young adults who have not found a trainee position after finishing high school. Frequently, these young people lack direction and support. The JOBLINGE programme provides them with a mentor who helps them find the right occupation. By supporting the initiative, the company is doing its part to address Germany's shortage of skilled workers and helping disadvantaged young people find a training programme and occupation (see Children and Adolescents).

With JOBLINGE, REWE and PENNY are helping disadvantaged young people enter the work world

Development of Young Employees

The company provides systematic development of young employees through the association REWE Nachwuchsförderung e.V. which was set up in 1964. In conjunction, the top-performing trainees and young employees across Germany are honoured each year by the Management Board. In 2013, the association began to conduct the sustainability competition "REWE Group Star": In a combine-wide team competition, trainees and young employees can jointly plan and carry out sustainability campaigns on the basis of one of the company's four pillars of sustainability. In doing so, they gain an understanding of the importance of sustainability in trade (see special "Room to Grow and Learn").

Systematic assistance to young people is provided by the association REWE Nachwuchsförderung e.V.

During the reporting period, REWE Markt GmbH created a continuing education programme for young retailers called Junior Campus that is designed to help participants become self-employed. The objective of the Junior Campus is to generate momentum for self-employment and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. In 2014, the first participants received their certificates 18 months after the Junior Campus was opened.

Individual Development

With its systematic career and succession planning, REWE Group ensures the right employees are at the right place at the right time. The planning process is designed to recruit skilled workers and managers from the company's own ranks, to identify high-potential employees at an early stage, to create a long-term relationship with qualified and motivated employees and to develop these individuals' skills. To meet these goals, regular performance and job-potential assessments, job-potential conferences and professional-development dialogues are conducted in the strategic business units and in company headquarters.

To foster the potential and individual growth of employees in the best-possible manner, REWE Group continuously expands its human resources development programmes and provides employees and managers with a broad range of internal education and training opportunities. In addition to classroom courses, the company extensively applies e-learning and blended-learning concepts that combine classroom and online training. With this special learning concept, REWE in Germany especially focuses on promoting the professional development of its trainees who receive a free tablet computer beginning of their apprenticeship that they can then keep after completing the programme. With this tablet computer – or their own smartphone – and the company's proprietary learning app, the trainees can study for tests anywhere.

With the Management Academy and the Management Campus, REWE Group offers two demanding and comprehensive internal training programmes designed to impart needed on-the-job knowledge and to facilitate the combine-wide networking of managers. With classroom courses, lectures, coaching and further learning opportunities, the Management Campus supports the continuous professional growth of upper-level managers. In one special aspect of this work, managers attend a seminar called "Sustainability 2.0" where they have an opportunity to discuss how the value of sustainability can be implemented in the company's management and culture.

Holistic management planning also requires individual promotion of high-potential individuals in the management level below top executives. The Management Academy, which was formerly called the General Management Programme (GMP), facilitates the focusing on mangers' individual needs and promotes the long-term and continuous improvement of manager quality. In both programmes, REWE Group does its part as a company to create excellence in leadership and management and, thus, continuously develops the potential of REWE Group as a whole.

76.4 %
of management positions are filled from within the company