Dear Ladies, Gentlemen,
Partners and Friends of REWE Group,

We only have one planet to live on. Nonetheless, the human race consumes 50 per cent more resources each year than the Earth can replace during the same time. If all people in the world had the very same growth- and consumption-driven lifestyles, we would actually need three Earths to meet our needs. For this reason, we must act today to ensure that people will enjoy good quality of life in future. Instead of using up more and more resources, we must tackle the growing challenges in an economic, environmental and socially responsible manner.

At REWE Group, we take this responsibility seriously, as our actions demonstrate. Our company has committed itself to the goal of progressively boosting the number of more sustainable products and services in its product ranges, particularly in the conventional area. It intends to reach this goal by expanding its offerings of organic and region products, among other steps. As we strive to achieve this objective, we are keeping our eye firmly fixed on the entire value chain. In a dialogue with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), we identify endangered raw materials and develop guidelines to address them in order to change markets and establish environmental and social standards that will have a positive impact on the entire product range.

With the PRO PLANET sustainability label that we use on our store brands, we provide customers with a supplemental guide to encourage the use of more sustainable product ranges. REWE Group's travel and tourism segment is also promoting more sustainable travel products on all levels. As part of this process, it is conducting an intense dialogue with its hotel-business partners as well as with planners and political leaders in holiday countries. The aim is to raise their awareness levels about environmental protection, the preservation of World Heritage sites and respect for human rights.

During Sustainability Weeks held annually since 2011, REWE Group systematically informs customers about its broad array of more sustainable products and services. In 2013 and 2014, the motto of the Sustainability Weeks was "Out of the Niche". With a far-reaching range of activities, REWE Group worked with the sales lines REWE, PENNY, toom Baumarkt DIY stores and the DER Touristik travel and tourism segment to highlight their more sustainable offerings. During both years, the Sustainability Weeks focused on three issues: "conservation of resources," "protection of animals and plants," and "social responsibility".

To me, it is also particularly important for us to ensure that we win over and integrate employees on all levels, including stores and warehouses, into our efforts. They are our sustainability ambassadors each business day.

I hope you find our Sustainability Report to be both informative and thought-provoking.

Best regards,

Jan Kunath,
Management Board member of REWE Group