Dear Ladies, Gentlemen,
Partners and Friends of REWE Group,

The commitment of REWE Group to consistently provide the very best service to customers, retailers and employees is a driving force in our company. Together with our sustainability involvement, this pledge forms the foundation of our long-range success. We believe that there is no alternative to the sustainable, future-focused business practices we employ. We view sustainability as both a process and a fundamental attitude that are now firmly ingrained in our corporate culture. This is the basis of our actions. It is not by chance that we, a cooperative trade, travel and tourism company, can look back on a nearly 90 year tradition.

As we continue to practice this tradition, we intend to further expand the leading role we play in sustainability. We are committed to establishing sustainable solutions in the volume market. This is the essence of our defining slogans "Out of the Niche" and "We are in the Middle of It". This commitment applies in particular to our more sustainable product ranges and the design of our stores. This is where we channel our energies in order to generate the positive social and environmental impacts of sustainable involvement millions of times over in the volume market. Our decision to create a more sustainable product range requires the bold willingness to develop innovative solutions along the entire value chain – and to simultaneously communicate intelligent, convincing messages that enable consumers to recognise the added value generated by responsibly created products. During the reporting period, we made huge strides in this effort.

In future, we intend to and will press ahead with our sustainable involvement, investing large amounts of energy and money along the way. We will do this not only in the area of more sustainable products, but also in the fields of social involvement and responsibility for our employees. This will require a greater willingness on our part to question our current ways of doing things and to seek out new directions, even if some of our solutions may turn out to be far from perfect in the beginning. For this reason, an open dialogue is an important component of our sustainability strategy. It is a dialogue that encompasses our customers, suppliers and employees as well as government authorities, trade associations, non-government organisations, political leaders and the academic community. This is the only way to promote mutual understanding and to gain valuable insights that can be used to shape the future of trade, travel and tourism.

Our Sustainability Report 2013/2014 documents our most recent achievements, pinpoints areas that have lagged behind and highlights the hurdles we have yet to clear. With this report, I would also like to invite you to add your voice to our dialogue and to suggest ways that we could improve our specific activities to create a more sustainable world. You will find a broad array of examples about our sustainable involvement as well as facts and figures in this report. To make this information transparent, understandable and comparable, we prepared the report on the basis of the G4 Standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

I hope you find it to be both informative and stimulating. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Best regards,

Alain Caparros,
CEO of REWE Group