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The cooperative REWE Group is a leading trade and tourism group in Germany and Europe. In 2014, the company generated total external revenue of more than 51 billion euros. Cologne-based REWE Group, a company that was established in 1927, employs 330,000 people and operates 15,000 stores in 12 European countries. In Germany, the company's approximately 228,000 employees generated revenue of 37 billion euros in about 10,000 stores during 2014.

Its sales lines include the supermarkets and consumer stores operated by the brands REWE, REWE CENTER, REWE CITY and BILLA and the discounter PENNY as well as the DIY stores of toom Baumarkt and B1 Discount Baumarkt. The company also operates organic supermarkets (TEMMA), innovative convenience stores (REWE To Go), the gastronomic concept "Oh Angie!" and the e-commerce activities REWE Lieferservice (a delivery service), Zooroyal and Weinfreunde.

The umbrella DER Touristik brand comprises the tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen and Travelix as well as DERTOUR, MEIER'S WELTREISEN and ADAC Reisen along with the business travel unit FCm Travel Solutions and more than 2,100 travel agencies (including DER Reisebüro, DERPART), the hotel chains lti hotels, Club Calimera and PrimaSol Hotels as well as the direct operator clevertours.com.

Revenue of REWE GROUP in billion euros
2013 49.91
2014 51.11

in billion euros

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Store Brands and Production Operations

The product range includes such well-known store brands as REWE Beste Wahl, REWE Bio, REWE Regional, REWE Feine Welt, ja!, VIVESS, TEMMA, PENNY, today, BILLA, Ja! Natürlich, clever, LOOK BY BIPA, iQ COSMETICS, MY, toom and B1. The company's own production operations Glocken Bäckerei and the quality butcher Wilhelm Brandenburg also provide excellent store brand products.

Structure and Culture

REWE (Revisionsverband der Westkaufgenossenschaften) was established in 1927 by 17 purchasing cooperatives. It consists of the two combines REWE-ZENTRALFINANZ eG (RZF) and REWE-Zentral-Aktiengesellschaft (RZAG). The members of the cooperative, particularly the independent retailers, are a significant part of the company and help manage the company through their organizational bodies. The Supervisory Board, shareholders, retailers and the Management Board of REWE Group view the cooperative structure as a guarantee of independence and self-determination. The cooperative philosophy serves as an essential element of the company's management culture and its long-range strategy. The REWE Group Mission Statement issued in 2008 contains six values that form the basis of the company's joint sustainable success.

The core values of the REWE Group:

  • We act independently according to the idea of community.
  • We work for the customer. We are at the heart of the market.
  • We welcome new directions. Standing still means going backwards.
  • We act with integrity and treat one another with respect. We keep our word.
  • We strive to find the best sulution, make considered decisions and act consistently.
  • We are aware of our responsibility and act sustainably.